a christmas dinner and the last you'll hear of christmas

After leaving my parents with all our goodies we headed home to play with all of it while Matt cooked away. He chose two entrees this year, the madman. He had pasta and meatballs as well as a more typical fare of spiral ham, twice baked potatoes, stuffing, and summer corn. We also had cold cut bread leftover from the night before and all kinds of countless tasty desserts. Diet be damned. 

Almost the same group joined in from the morning, minus my older brother and plus my sister-in-law's sister-in-law. Say that ten times fast? Ash brought white sangria which was tasty. Dominic at this point was fading fast and just wanted to go to sleep... Letty took over with photographing duties which she really is just rocking as of late yes!?
Dare I say it? Last Christmas post till November? Dare I? I dare.

Past Christmas dinners here and here.



  1. omg dom in those last photos. and those kids in those SUPER cute outfits. i cannot. also buff plaid is my jam. moving on to NYE now? :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I love how Dom blends into you with that same shirts. :) oh all that delicious food! Makes me hungry. Everyone looked so fancy!

  3. There is so much cuteness here. So much. Letty really is quite the little photographer. I am still in love with those wine glasses. :-)

  4. Look at you cuties in all your plaid!!! I love it :)

  5. 2 notes.. 1-Dan is the cook in our family too. Yay for husbands who can cook. 2-I love that your dad was at your place in a Giants shirt. My dad is a pajamas all day or t shirt all day sort of guy. Seems so cozy.

  6. letty is nailing it with photo duty!! and your fam is so awesome. y'all are such a great, fun team!!


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