wagon wheel ornaments

Always on the look out for holiday crafts my kids can do, I had stumbled upon wagon wheel pasta ornaments on Pinterest somewhere. I thought it would be a perfect thing for Letty to make for her Nonna for Christmas. The pasta purchased, I sat down to prepare to do this. Sometimes what you have planned in your mind and actually executing it are two totally different things. Suffice it to say that having Letty's tiny fingers glue together tiny wagon wheels and then paint them individually would have been too much for her. So I did it all and gave some away to my mom and sister and I'll figure something else out for a gift.
So. What you need? Glue, obviously. Wagon wheel pasta, obviously (and you'll also need to be singing Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel the entire time). Spray paint in whatever color, and glitter if you feel like it. Parchment paper if you have it, but I just used a baking sheet I sprayed with a bit of pam.... whoops. Hey it worked. And a brush. And thread or ribbon for hanging.
Now when it comes to gluing I tried a few different things, but found that pouring some glue on a paper plate and rolling the pasta was best. I then arranged the glue covered pasta on the baking sheet into the tree and the snowflake. I moved them a tiny bit here and there just to be sure that they wouldn't stick to the pan. I also used some watered down glue and painted over the entire ornament just to sort of cover all bases here.
Once they were totally dry I took them outside and spray painted both sides, one coat each seemed to cut it. Then before it dried I threw some glitter at the problem. I used some clear thread I had as the hanging device and wala! A perfect addition to the kid's tree in the basement.