turkeys look best on thanksgiving day

I realize that I am so very behind the times here with our holidays but lots of things happen and it is what it is I'm afraid. 

Our Thanksgiving was pretty normal as far as Thanksgivings go. My uncles and aunt and cousins come down from New York and football is on and lots of meats and cheese are put out and the kids make a racket and that's just how holidays are with us. I still get such a kick out of seeing my younger cousins watch my three. All very full circle. The only thing missing from our day was our semi-annual Turkey Trot. I tried very hard to convince the group that this was necessary but ended up trotting on my own terms in my basement in the morning instead of outside with thousands of others. Maybe next year it will come back?

As per the usual, Cornelius made his arrival after dinner. And what a disappointment that was. I stressed about the arrival and the display and then because there was no gift the kids just turned heel and went back into the house. Just like that. Bah humbug. Perhaps his days are numbered?

Letty took my camera for awhile. I'm not sure where she gets the whole take a photo looking down at her shoes thing. Not sure at all. 

Something really amazing and funny happened during the football game but as I am allergic to football I don't know what that thing was. I just stayed by my best friend for the night, a bottle of Pinot Noir. I think next time the Merlot would be the better choice. She's a better listener. Anyways.... How was your thanksgiving? Almost two weeks ago?

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