the santa 5k

The day of Dominic's first birthday party we woke up to this:
Which was really perfect because I had signed up for the first ever Santa 5k here in my hometown. Smart thinking on the day where you are hosting roughly 40-50 people for a party. But run I did.

Included in our race registration was a one size fits all Santa suit, which to quote Sadie: nope! The pants were at risk of falling down the entire time... And the jacket didn't quite fit my father. But such fun nonetheless! Everyone looked hilarious and festive. And I didn't mind the extra layer before it warmed up. A run in December without a jacket!? Madness! It was certainly different for us, running through town in a Santa suit jamming to Michael Buble's Holiday Pandora station... singing carols all whilst the weather reads at a more April-like temp.

My sister and I ran with my dad and a wonderfully attractive photo even made it onto the run's Facebook page. Lovely. I just love our family races. The more the merrier I always say! And in this particular race's case it was true! Ho Ho Ho!

And for the record I am not picking my nose. I had an itch.



  1. i really enjoy that you committed to the suit for the whole time. those beards scare me haha. but looks oh so cute overall!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. The picture of the santas is so funny. All the running santas! Too bad they were not one size fits all.

  3. aww the family that races together!! seriously impressive! and i bet the weather made it super confusing, but beautiful nonetheless!!


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