the santa 5k

The day of Dominic's first birthday party we woke up to this:
Which was really perfect because I had signed up for the first ever Santa 5k here in my hometown. Smart thinking on the day where you are hosting roughly 40-50 people for a party. But run I did.

Included in our race registration was a one size fits all Santa suit, which to quote Sadie: nope! The pants were at risk of falling down the entire time... And the jacket didn't quite fit my father. But such fun nonetheless! Everyone looked hilarious and festive. And I didn't mind the extra layer before it warmed up. A run in December without a jacket!? Madness! It was certainly different for us, running through town in a Santa suit jamming to Michael Buble's Holiday Pandora station... singing carols all whilst the weather reads at a more April-like temp.

My sister and I ran with my dad and a wonderfully attractive photo even made it onto the run's Facebook page. Lovely. I just love our family races. The more the merrier I always say! And in this particular race's case it was true! Ho Ho Ho!

And for the record I am not picking my nose. I had an itch.