santa's paradise express

For the second year now, my mom and I took the kids to the Strasburg Railroad for their Santa's Paradise Express. When it comes to activities for the kids I normally like to go for the free variety, but I enjoy this one so much that I am willing to pay the hefty price. Unlike last year, we had excellent weather and really got to experience more of what comes with a ticket on the train. Besides the actual train ride itself the kids rode on a smaller locomotive, the baby choo choos and the tinsel train complete with Polar Express-like ticket punching. They got to have their picture taken with Santa, who was a bit handsy with Nonna if I'm being honest, and they got a small toy as well. And it is festive and fun and other than some attitude from my eldest a very good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Ho ho ho!



  1. great photos! that first one of you - perfection. and handsy santa - that made me lol but not surprised. nonna is gorg! any.way. a fun time overall which is what matters!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. hahaha Santa got handsy? Well isn't that festive? Nonna rethinking the visit next year??


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