santa and elizabeth farms

We are ridiculous. Nay, I am. I get these traditions stuck in my head and I don't let them go. Like going to a tree farm to meet Santa when we have a faux tree. And spending $20 for that privilege. Well anyways. They are cleaning up and who's the fool who keeps going? Me. I am. But it's just so pretty. And it's tradition! And he's just such a pretty Santa. And they have trains! And animals!

How about those boys both walking around on their own? I may not want to watch them grow older each day but if I must watch that than at least I get glimpses of what they will be like when they are two buddies causing mischief. Or whatever brothers tend to do together. 

So what did they ask for from Santa? David wants Blaze and Stripes (which is inconvenient because he did want Blaze and Pickle and Santa already did his shopping so....) and Letty wants Shopkins. Santa was asking what else do you want children to which I say can it man. Dominic thought he was pretty cool. No tears from anyone shockingly. 

And then the chorus from David which was repeated for the following hour was, where was Blaze? Can he have Blaze now? For a child so bright he can be quite dense sometimes. Apparently Christmas morning is a difficult concept to grasp. 

And just for kicks here are the images we paid twenty whole dollars for:

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