prince street park

I had never heard of a "pop up park" before. Blame my general cluelessness or the fact I live under a rock but it is true. So there is one of these in Lancaster and it's on Prince Street and they said they were decked out for Christmas and so we all went. A Christmas Village they said. There were cute little huts with shops and Christmas trees and coffee. There wasn't any food trucks like I pictured it in my head but this isn't the movie Chef after all. 

We got some coffee and the kids sampled some cookies before leaving and heading towards the warmer Central Market. It was a quick trip into the city but that's just alright, we had to check it out. And if I look annoyed in the below photo its because I was. Letty was pushing my buttons something awful (par for the course, I know) but that didn't mean I didn't want a picture with her. I just didn't have time to compose myself before it was clicked. Ha. Good times.