dominic's first birthday lumberjack party

In case you haven't noticed based on my incessant posts on the subject; Dominic turned one recently. We don't do small for first birthday parties. I debated breaking my rule and keeping this one small but decided no, we must continue being fair and equal. So a big party was had on a lovely warm Saturday in December. Family and friends came from far and wide to eat and drink and celebrate a little boy who had no idea what was going on. He just really likes cornbread. 

Most of the decor came from either my mother's house or from the House of Target. The cake was from Lititz Cupboard and let me tell you, huge hit. Especially that cookies and cream filling.

The menu was simple enough, with fun themed names thanks to an uber helpful Becky coming to my side when I was out of creative juice. Canuck's Treats (meatballs), Cookee's Gold (four cheese dip), Blaze the Trailmix, and a Meat and Cheese "Board" for appetizers. For the main course we had Lumberjack Chili (two kinds), Burly Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Bear Bait (cornbread), and Pick Ax Spuds (baked potatoes). We had far too much food which is just part of the deal with us I suppose at this point. 

During the gift opening time David stood there squealing at the top of his lungs yelling "I'm so excited! I wonder what it's gonna be!!!" Like jazz hands excited. It. Was. Adorable. And funny. I wish someone would have gotten it on video but alas. Maybe on Christmas he will repeat the performance? Also I would like to formally apologize to everyone who did not get a photo with the birthday boy which is actually most everyone at the party. Sorry, things got hectic and I was sweating and didn't even know where he was half of the time....

Thank you to everyone for coming and showering Dominic with love and attention and presents. We are so thankful for you all. What a great support system Dominic has already! We love you one and all. 

Oh and hey! Happy Christmas Eve!!! 

And naturally when your sister-in-law is present the actual high quality photos come out! Thanks Ash!