dad turns 60!

My dad recently had a momentous birthday! Or, it was just a regular old day because my dad will live forever and so marking the passage of time is trivial in comparison? Yes. That. 

We all gathered together to celebrate and eat spaghetti and meatballs and the like a few weeks ago. And I made everyone take lots of pictures. I am most fun. We just love our dad so very much and are so very thankful to have such an amazing man to look up to.

David was so excited watching Pop open his gifts... When Pop said my dash cam! David squeeled like I don't know... Like the sun and moon came out of that dash cam. Whatever a dash cam is.



  1. I agree, just another day in grand scheme of forever. He really does seem like the most wonderful dad. You have such an amazing family. :-)

  2. so funny. i love all the baby photos. when your dad poses with them all, i seriously never see that face happier than that moment :) yay for birthdays papa trovato!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. All of those pics are amazing. What a family! :) Can you imagine living in a time when we couldn't so easily capture all of the magic and I just love how excited David is in that last pic. He sure loves his family! As always thank you for sharing. I know this post and the last were literally sharing your heart!

  4. Googled "dash cam". I laughed too David...haha!

  5. Love seeing big family photos; especially the happiest grandpa with all his little granbabes! So cute!


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