cornelius week one and two. respectively.

These Elf on the Shelf posts of mine are quite surprisingly the most popular posts ever on this here blog. I know! People love their elves. I'd hate to disappoint and so here is what our little Elf on the Shelf has been up to so far this holiday season. Oh and for those new to this, his name is Cornelius. 

He came on Thanksgiving night. He brought a warning letter that was quite instantly forgotten. The rest of his antics have been pretty standard fair... Our creativity seems to come in peaks and waves. I'm sure once we get Dominic's birthday party behind us we will step up our game. Wink wink.

What about you? If you do this whole Elf on the Shelf tradition what are some of your favorite things to do with him? Besides pack him back in his box at the end of the season?

Past Cornelius exploits here.