christmas bucket list. twenty-fifteen style.

I've been listening to Christmas tunes for over a month at this point... I've done the majority of my Christmas shopping before Halloween even came to pass. And the house has been decorated for weeks. Yes, weeks. As always I have a hundred and one ideas for the holiday season. This year is no exception.

- Keep up on my red glitter  nail polish each and every day tradition.
- Dutch Winter Wonderland. At least once, to say our official goodbye to DW.
- Ornament making! For the adults. For the kids! For the grandparents!
- Shed a tear at Letty's Christmas Program at school.
- Oh how I am so looking forward to Strasburg Railroad Santa's Paradise Express. So excited.
- Celebrate Dominic's First Birthday! A party full of festive buffalo plaid and food. And drink.
- We will need to up the ante on Elf on the Shelf. David has been asking questions. Can't pull the wool over that boy's eyes. 
- Write Santa a letter.
- Run the first annual Santa 5k! In a Santa suit no less!
- Live Nativity. I have put this off for far too long and this year I want to go to the original one. Last year's was a disaster.
- Maybe finally do a breakfast with Santa? Or see the Manheim Tree Lighting?
- Family cookie baking day! How my mother loves this day!
- Gingerbread houses, always a good time.
- Christmas Lights Driving Tour, which may prove difficult what with a one year old. But we will of course attempt it.
- More birthdays! My dad's 60th is this year, as well as my sister's... and my Steph's.
- Oh the dreaded Christmas photo attempt. But as always we will succeed!
- Live it up at my parent's whatever annual Christmas Eve Party!
- Have an Olsen Christmas. Have a Trovato Christmas

Oh the things that we shall do!