another preschool thanksgiving feast

I'm so much more comfortable knowing the drill. Knowing the building. Knowing what to expect. Last year I was a ball of nerves for Letty when it came time for this program but this year? Nope. None at all. And what a difference! This year she was all smiles and confidence and she appeared to be having fun! It made me so very happy. My mom watched the boys for us so we could both enjoy this together. Thanks mom!

I remember last year enjoying that we knew someone there that day, that we were putting down roots here. Well this year take that times a million. I knew countless people there and it was almost over whelming.  And it's kind of weird to see some people in this new way. People who went right on and grew up and had children and are all responsible now. It's just odd. Life is weird.

But the program! It was adorable and cute and as always a joy to see how Letty interacts with her little friends. My face hurt from smiling, but this time not because I was trying to reassure her, but because she was just so happy. Sort of contagious. And that she's freaking adorable. Even if she did have her first visit to the time out chair this day.... ahem.

Oh and how about that kid's tshirt in the front row? "Your mom pays me to go easy on you." Yeah, I have feelings about that shirt. That's for sure.

Last year's program here.



  1. you look svelte. i just had to say that first. even though this post is about letty who looks the cutest. i'll agree. after the first go around of anything, it's just simply easier. less stressful. less diet pepsi needed :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. awww go letty!!!! and i am with you... i do WAY better with s pre-defined comfort zone. it was probably so much more fun for you and letty both this year!! so happy!! and what?? that kids tshirt. first off, who puts their kid in a silly tshirt to do a thanksgiving performance?? and what a bizarre message!!

  3. So cute! I can't imagine going to these sort of things for Sydney. I'll be an emotional basket case!

  4. You look awesome!!! Your hard work has definitely paid off! I'm a long time lurker and never comment but had to say that :) Also, who lets their kid wear that to a school performance? So weird.
    Letty looks so cute! (she's my fave, don't tell the boys lol)

    1. Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate it! And the long time lurking. ;)

  5. Omg that little boys shirt?!? Seriously? How cute all those little munchkins though! I TOTALLY get what you mean about that first time stress!! Oh and isn't it so bizarre to see people years later when you've both changed sooo much? I just had this happen to me today! I was walking into work and the guy in front of me holds the door for me and wait...I know you! you are a long lost college friend! What are you doing here? It felt so off talking to him a) at my place of work and b) now that I'm a mom and do not have a red solo cup in my hand lol oh time is a funny thing

  6. Thanksgiving is my favorite for the school events. The little paper pilgrim outfits get me every time! hahaha!


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