a tractor light show

We drove to a tractor supply store and watched a light show. And it was Christmas magic. 

We have been doing this every year, this whole drive around in your pajamas and look at Christmas lights thing. Normally we go to a few different places but this night we just did the one. And no, I still have not played around with my camera and taught myself how to take photos with low lighting (maybe by next year Dayna?) 

But the light show at Messick's is worth the drive in my very humble opinion. Dominic was trying to crawl onto the dash to get closer to the lights... Letty loved it... And David wanted to play on his sister's iPad in the back row like a sullen teenager, which actually isn't a bad description of that certain three year old. We had a convoy of four cars because this year I dragged everyone in my family along. It's how we do Christmas in Central PA. Tractors and Christmas lights. That's right.

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