a preschool field trip including ozzy osborne

So. You read that right. Last week Letty's preschool class went to visit Hershey's Chocolate World. We rode the ride once through and they had their snack followed by a scavenger hunt. As we were pursuing the store and discussing the lack of items that begin with the letter "I", I happened to notice a commotion. Mostly a shortish man with long dark hair stumble onto the ride entrance. I noticed lots of phones out and camera people and just... It was something. Lots of investigating revealed that man was none other than Ozzy Osborne himself. And so we waited. All the mothers. All the teachers. All the preschoolers. For any second he would come down and I don't know... Take a bite of a bat or something. Security people waited around telling us to not stop him to ask for autographs or whatever and then next thing you know we heard he left via a side entrance. Talk about anticlimactic! But anyways. We went on a field trip. I drove four girls. It was loud but not as loud as I anticipated. They had fun. We had fun. And I'm sure Ozzy did too. 

The above photo was sent to one of the mothers from a person who rode the right shortly after Ozzy. This very same photo suspiciously got picked up by our local news outlet too... All very fascinating.