a bass pro santa

Here it is, New Year's Eve Eve, and I am still playing catch up from well before Christmas... Tis the season as they say.

Normally we see multiple Santa's a year, our favorite always being Elizabeth Farms. However, this past year's photo was sort of eh in quality and it is quite expensive. In search of something new, we heard of Bass Pro Shops and their Santa. What the deal! It's free first of all, even the 5x7 photo! They have all sorts of things for the kids to do, archery, remote control monster trucks, laser shooting, coloring pages, a carousel! Not to mention the store itself is like sensory overload, animals everywhere and a massive fish tank! So basically what I'm saying is, I think we found a new tradition. A new Santa. Even though my nieces hated him, I thought he was pretty special.

And it was a really fun way to spend the evening with all my nieces and my kids. Obviously, because I think we are a pretty fun train.

And naturally my own personal photographer's images of the very same evening are below. I really should only use her photos on the blog if I am being honest.



  1. that carousel. bears and moose? hmm. and guns for children. LAURIE. haha i kid i kid. i think it's great if it's all free - which hey is most important! also fun photos and ash's are fantastic as usual!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I'm definitely remembering this for next year! Love Dominic's sweater vest!

  3. We need a Pro Shop in Augusta! Cabela's and Gander Mountain just ain't cutting it for me. I want to ride a MOOSE!

    I love crying bebe Santa photos. I wonder if a crying 30 year old would have the same charm...

  4. Ill have to remember this for next year. The one in Camp Hill is soo close to my daddys pizza shop. Looks like fun!

  5. ok that is heaven!!! i have been hearing of the bass pro christmas adventures and hello! they look pretty great! i am thinking next year will be the year for my santa visiting success stories and such!

  6. Okay, so Santa only comes to Bass Pro Shop up here, which I guess is totally fitting? I think it is hilarious! But your location had waaaaay more fun stuff than ours.


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