I have regretted doing this whole weekly photo series several times over throughout the past year, and as I am one for self-inducing deadlines I just couldn't not do it after I committed myself to it. From the first one (I know, I missed the first four weeks of the year but that's okay. I had a newborn.) to now, it's been sort of a challenge to come up with ways to show my kids in a unique light and to try and capture who they were that given day or week. And it is sort of nice to have it all captured here for me to peruse whenever I may feel the need.

But I doubt I would do it again. 

And so here are my three... Waving goodbye to 2015 in their own way...
Dominic, aged 1 year: He started nodding this week in response to the question of "more?" in regards to Goldfish, his favorite snack as of late. He has decided that he won't eat anything that he cannot feed himself and so we are lacking in the whole yogurt and applesauce department. He's also been feeling the side effects of his one year vaccines (I think? So hard to tell! Teething? Cold? Vaccines?) and so has been not himself the past week...

David, aged 3 years: He got himself some one-on-one time with Matt yesterday, heading up to Hersheypark's Candylane with some tickets we got from friends. He only got to go on two rides due to the insane lines but he enjoyed himself immensely. He commented on all the lights and how daddy was too big to fit in the rides he went on.

Letteria, aged 5 years: We had ourselves a little mommy/daughter date on Saturday, to see Star Wars. She dressed up in her Princess Leia costume and ate her kid's pack in silence and enjoyed the movie like no other five year old I have ever heard of. I kept looking over at her sort of in awe... she's a cool cat when she wants to be. She would catch me smiling at her and she would just break out in this big grin and say "what??" to which I would just respond with "Oh... nothing. Just love you is all." And I can't wait till we get to do it again.

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