Dominic, aged a day shy of 1 year: This week he started saying all done. It sounds more like ah dun! But still. It's there. And I like the way he says it. Some day he'll pronounce it just right and add a few more words in there and I'll wish I could remember how he sounded when he could first say it. 

David, aged 3 years: Speaking of things no longer happening, David used to never want to hug me if my hair was down. He would say "hair uppa" before he would rest his head on my shoulder. Now I get hugs for days hair and all. He also pronounced "truck" appropriately yesterday and that was a sad thing too.

Letteria, aged 5 years: Last year Letty's preschool teacher recommended we get her speech evaluated because she is sometimes hard to understand. While she didn't need therapy, we were given some tips we could use on her to get those "f" sounds to come out the right way instead of as an "s." For example Letty says Stess instead of Steph. And somehow miraculously yesterday afternoon she said Steph, off, half, Sophie, elf, knife.... all of them properly. Like she knew it all along or something... Maybe she was playing us all.

Past weekly shots here.



  1. haha sneaky letty. and david's correct pronunciation is a sad day. a sad day indeed. also dom is talking?! so much. SO much.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Gosh they are such babes! Growing like weeds! So crazy!

  3. Love these pictures! Christmas magic right there.

  4. What happened to David the toddler? He's a kid now :( they all just need to stop growing up so quickly! Can hardly believe the year is nearly behind us.


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