Dominic, aged 11 month: We will take all the cabinet locks in all the world thank you. He is of a one track mind. The blender, the sifter, assorted alcohol bottles, and all pasta pots are his most favorite. He is relentless and it's almost comical. Our other kids never did this? So off to the store we go for some locks. Locks all around!

David, aged 3 years: Before we got on the Auto Train home from Disney we reinstalled YouTube on the kid's iPads. We reluctantly removed it a long time ago because some of the ads were not child friendly... But David has learned so so much from watching random YouTube videos. Like all numbers and shapes and letters and well, you name it. He's been oh so happy that it has returned, even if not for long.

Letteria, aged 5 years: Ohhhhhh how we are going through some major growing pains here. She just looks so angelic right? But her and I are having some issues. I just had this image in my head of how my relationship with my daughter would look and I guess hey, the joke is on me, because life never turns out like you imagine it. I constantly hope for a better relationship with this one... maybe someday we will get there...But for now Matt runs interference most of the time...

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  1. oh growing up is rough. struggle bus in full effect :) love that dom gets into all the things. i totally did that as a child! man a photos of me with pots and pans everywhere haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Truly, Dom just keeps getting cuter and cuter. And naughtier and naughtier apparently ;) he's looking so much like David! And one day Letty will be your best of friend. You'll see! At least that's what I tell myself about Sydney haha.

  3. I don't even know how many girl moms told me enjoy being a girl mom when they are young because they turn on you when they get older. I think I was pregnant at the time so I suppose they asked if we knew the sex. Anyway I'm scarred for life. Aria likes me right now! sigh
    Yeah what is with commercials?? I saw that Toy Story was on abcfamily the other evening so I put it on for Aria. The commercials were so very not family friendly. I was shocked. And pissed. wtf abcfamily.


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