watching the time go by

I've said it often. There is this weird mom time continuum thing happening. The days (and nights!) are long occasionally, but those years... they are short. Letty's first year felt just that. A year. And then before I knew it she was two and I had a baby. And then before I blinked we moved across the county and had another baby. Who is now almost one year old. It's sort of unfair, this time warp. You want these babies so much and everyone tells you to soak it all up and smell the baby smell and then it's gone before it's even fully registered. I have a five year old. Going on nine. Maybe fifteen. Probably fifteen. I looked at David the other day standing in front of our IKEA toy storage thing and realized quite suddenly that he was taller than it. When did that happen? Dom is now walking. Three steps here. Five steps there. All unsure and unsteady but all with a smile. And then throw daylight savings time in there and where did the day go? Then it's night time at like five o'clock and you're hungry or hangry and you just can't wait for bed so you can have some calm and then the Christmas decor is coming out and Disney is less than a week away and it's all. What? WHAT!? Said every mom ever, I'm sure.

So with all this crazy time madness and all these feelings of losing control of the days and the memories I just was so very lucky when JORD sent me this gorgeous Red Sandalwood and Mother of Pearl watch. I have watches, yes. But they all have long since stopped ticking and yes, I realize watch batteries are fairly easy to come by but, mom time continuum right? And it's handcrafted out of wood which I think is pretty fantastic, capital F. JORD sized it just the way I like it (which felt all kinds of fancy), shipped it right away, and it was in my arms all perfect within days. It's quite possibly the most special watch I've ever owned if I'm being honest. And it's big. I enjoy a large watch face. The chunkier the better.

Can we also talk about this trail? It's become my new favorite based on foliage alone. Isn't it quite the deal? And speaking of foliage this fall has been just top notch in the foliage department. Even though the weather is so very odd, 70 degrees this week, say what? In November? It's all very Indian Summer and it is messing with my thoughts on fall but! It does allow for a lot more outdoor time in the very few hours we do have in these days.

So. In summary. I hate how fast time goes by and how big my babies are and I miss them already. I love fall and leaves. I am just tickled pink that JORD hooked me up with this watch. Now I have a brand new beautiful hand crafted wonder of a watch with which to slow down and focus on these passing moments. Crazy as they are. 

Or so I shall try. I'll try really hard.


Wooden Wristwatch