the story of a desk

This desk was built for someone else. It was built with care by a man named Carl, but people closest to him called him Stan, or Poppop. He built it and sanded it and stained it and gave it to a little girl named Laurie. It fit perfectly in her room in the doggie dormer, like a cubbie. She first sat upon that bench at the desk and stared out the window at the pear tree and daydreamed about things little girls day dream about. She wrote countless letters at that desk to various penpals that spanned the country and at one point, the world. She played with her American Girl doll, Kirsten, and Barbies at that desk. That desk moved from Maine to Pennsylvania with it's family. The little girl grew and put on make up for the first time at that desk. Her very first computer sat atop it, the monitor being so large it barely fit. At one point this desk was the home of two very small turtles, Sonny and Cher, respectively. It's been moved around and handed around (a total of seven times if we are counting), never to be parted with. The desk is a treasure. And as seen below, decorated in all manner of floral and bizarre sins.

And one day very recently the desk came out of it's temporary home for a little face lift. Just some stain and some paint, some new drawer pulls. The desk didn't need those things you know, because the little girl named Laurie was always so careful with her things, but it seemed fitting that the desk got a new look for the new little girl that would call the desk her's. The new little girl named Letteria. Who will I'm sure, sit upon that bench at the desk and stare out her window and daydream about whatever things little girls day dream about.