terrifying towers and christmas lights galore

The Disney vacation recap continues! This day we hit up the park previously known as MGM. Hollywood Studios boasts some of the best thrill rides of WDW I think. I'm not sure that it gets any better than the Tower of Terror and Rock n' Roller Coaster being side by side right there. This was Letty's first time on Tower of Terror and of course she rocked it. She was a bit more somber on this than on her other first's but she assured us she was good. She handled it. Like a freaking champ.  Other than those two rides we met Princess Sophia and saw the Disney Junior Live Stage Show. We had a lunch at Mama Melrose's, which really all sit down dinners should be at lunch time instead of dinner with kids such as mine. Matt took the big kids to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area which we both hate so better him than I. We all went on the Great American Movie Ride. Matt and my mom took the kids to the Muppets show while some people napped and others drank margaritas. We met the Stars of Cars and then hung around long enough to watch our final viewing of the Osborne Festival of Lights. Which I am told is moving on to greener pastures and making room for Star Wars or some such thing. I do love that show. It is goosebump inducing it's so good. But then again I have a thing for twinkle lights and all things Christmas.

And just like that, Happy Christmas from Florida!



  1. oh gosh all these photos. i can't even handle. esp that one of your dad and lena. so cute! ok every photo with child is cute. i won't deny it.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Love all the lights! So festive. So many cute babies/kids pictures. They're all so good!

  3. blah we've yet to see the lights and I hear that the parking lots are filling up that you can't park there past 4 and have to go park at epcot to get to them. Does not sound fun. I'm with you on sit down lunches and even better breakfast haha. Our Cinderella was dinner on the last day so it was not pretty, but Aria did enjoy the princesses so that counts as good in my book. But I'll try to remember the dinner and not do it later in a trip bit next time.


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