some handy matty things

We have had an influx of pallets recently and so I took to Pinterest for some ideas of ways to use them up! 

The bar that Matt had put together for our basement wasn't up to his liking and so he started (sort of) from scratch. Some wood burning and pallet wood later here it is in it's finished glory:

These wooden storage crates for our laundry room. I've had a few different things here over the course of the past year but nothing that I completely enjoyed looking at all the time. It's amazing how much time I spend in my laundry room, not only with our laundry but also as it is our mudroom and also craft storage room. Too much time. I digress. So these bins will hold towels and bathing suits in the summer and hold Letty's school papers and hats and gloves in the winter. I debated wood burning them but decided I'd rather be able to repurpose them later if I wanted.

This arrow for our gallery wall. Because why not?

Pirate themed end table for the basement. I just didn't have a place for my wine. That's a problem.

Thanks as always to my Handy Matty!



  1. seriously i wish he could fly down here and make me things. or just send them. they are so great! or i guess i could just find my own handy boyfriend. options. haha. happy friday!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Is he a needs to be doing something type of guy? These are all so much, esp the pirate themed ones. Whimsical!

  3. Oh I love it all! Especially the arrow. Well done Matt!

  4. So cool! I will be looking at more of your "Handy Matty" posts this weekend :) PS Do not use the hashtag #handyhubby on me I learned the hard way lol So many creepy people on there!


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