our disney arrival

So we all went to Walt Disney World last week. Which, I'm sure, most of you are aware of. My family of five along with my parents drove first to Savannah, and then to Orlando, only to be followed via air by my sister and her family and my brother and his family. We all stayed at Saratoga Springs. And this is the first of many vacation recaps, because that is what one does when one is such as me. I've been playing this mental game with myself called what we were doing last week at this time. And currently, as this posts, last week at this time we were at Hollywood Studios, or about to go to there. It is all part of my process. Just like when I get sappy folding the kid's clean clothes and reminding myself of the last time that shirt was on their body. There is just something about putting away vacation clothes that gets me okay? Disney is my happy place. And after all the planning and the plotting and packing with it's end so quick to approach these recaps are just a part of my process. Cathartic if you will.

And so it begins. Lots and lots of driving and we arrived around lunch time. Our room wasn't ready but that didn't stop us from hitting up the pool area and letting the kids blow off some major pent up steam. All with a little bit of wine in our Disney cups.

And after all of that we drove ourselves to Coronado Springs for a nice dinner at one of the group's favorite restaurants, Maya Grill. Which, I hate to disappoint, but if you are in to food photos this is not going to be one of those recaps. I have three children to wrangle during a sit down dinner, I am lucky that I'm able to eat at all, let alone take photographic evidence of said meal. Maybe someday. But the food was very good if Mexican is your thing. The kids went back to the hotel and straight to bed (amen). And we had a nice little visit with Miss Kerri herself.

All in all, a wonderful first day on Disney property.