letty vs. siri 3.0

L: Siri what's the wedder like today?
S: Ok, here is the weather for today. 

L: Siri, you are exadon. (I believe Letty means 'hexagon')
S: I don't really like these arbitrary categories. 

L: You are a square. 
S: I am. 

L: You are an exadon. 
S: I know. 
L: What!?

L: You are an exadon. I mean triangle. 
S: You're certainly entitled to that opinion. 

L: L. E. T. T. Y.
S: Who, me?

L: You are a joke. 
S: Okay. 

L: You are a cucumber. 
S: We were talking about you, not me. 

L: I'm sorry David talked to you. Sorry. 
S: I'm serious. 

L: Siri, you're a pickle. 
S: That's what I thought. 

L: I'm gonna be Princess Leia for Halloween. 
S: That's sweet Letty, but that's not meant to be. 

L: What are you gonna be for Halloween Siri?
S: No comment. 

L: What do you like to draw?
S: Wherever you are, that's where I am. 

L: I am on berry street. 
S: I don't get it. But I can check the web for "I am theory fruit" if you like. 

L: Siri what is your favorite toy?
S: My preferences are constantly changing. Especially when you edit them in settings. 

We out!