letty vs. siri 3.0

L: Siri what's the wedder like today?
S: Ok, here is the weather for today. 

L: Siri, you are exadon. (I believe Letty means 'hexagon')
S: I don't really like these arbitrary categories. 

L: You are a square. 
S: I am. 

L: You are an exadon. 
S: I know. 
L: What!?

L: You are an exadon. I mean triangle. 
S: You're certainly entitled to that opinion. 

L: L. E. T. T. Y.
S: Who, me?

L: You are a joke. 
S: Okay. 

L: You are a cucumber. 
S: We were talking about you, not me. 

L: I'm sorry David talked to you. Sorry. 
S: I'm serious. 

L: Siri, you're a pickle. 
S: That's what I thought. 

L: I'm gonna be Princess Leia for Halloween. 
S: That's sweet Letty, but that's not meant to be. 

L: What are you gonna be for Halloween Siri?
S: No comment. 

L: What do you like to draw?
S: Wherever you are, that's where I am. 

L: I am on berry street. 
S: I don't get it. But I can check the web for "I am theory fruit" if you like. 

L: Siri what is your favorite toy?
S: My preferences are constantly changing. Especially when you edit them in settings. 

We out!



  1. she's so funny. not siri, letty. that mini human who is getting so old it's weirding me out. and i'm off on a tangent. haha. hope your week is going well!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Siri is a quick little voice, now isn't she! haha

  3. Haha I like the berry street conversation.


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