hallow's eve (eve)!

Around these parts we do our trick-or-treating on whatever day we are told, which isn't on the actual day of Halloween very often. In our case this year it was the night before Halloween, a Friday. As tradition dictates my parents, sister's family and brother's family come over for an early dinner of pizza and chips before sweating and wrangling the kids into their costumes and heading out into the great development. I feel like, this being the sixth year we did the whole Halloween thing with kids that we have finally got it sort of figured out. Minus the sweating thing. Not sure how one fixes that. We were even ready early this year! 

The Star Wars bunch was joined by Little Red Riding Hood and Minnie Mouse, respectively. We had so much candy in our wagon that I had to hide half of it. At least. These kinds of Halloweens are not the kind I had when I was a kid that is for sure. Here there are dozens and dozens of houses, the majority of which just have a bowl with a take one sign out front. On the rare occasion that there was an actual "trick-or-treat" necessary, David made sure to embarrass me with his emphatic declaration of "I need more!". The greedy little thing. 

I've been allowing the kids one piece of candy a day which means that Matt has been giving them an additional three. We all know Letty likes to gorge herself whenever possible.

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