epcot and meeting mickey

I am sad that we are nearing the end of our fun here. Truly. The last day we were at Disney we went to Epcot again, a group favorite. Being as it was the last Saturday of the Food and Wine Festival you can imagine the crowds. And oh the lines. We only got to do a handful of attractions but that's alright. I always enjoy just walking around so long as there is wine of some kind in my hand. We took the kids on Nemo again, as well as Spaceship Earth. Those tall enough went on Test Track (Letty twice) and then we all dragged the babies through meeting Mickey and pals. Great success! Oh and they all wore matching shirts that my parents scored for them way back in the summer. I love matching things. I want all the matching things. Make it Disney and it is absolute perfection.

We also got to spend a hot minute with Kerri and some of her local blogger friends which is always fun. We had a dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel, a regular with this group, where the view is superb and the food is delicious.

And that is it. The recaps have ended and I'm almost as sad as I was when I left the parks a few weeks ago. Imagine me singing "goodbye my looooove" like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. That is me.