dominic at 11 months

The boy who walked. He did it. Officially. And not just a few steps but pretty long distances for legs as short as those. All of my babies walked in their tenth month (which how weird is that to say? All of my babies? And it is real because there will be no more.) but I was sort of hoping that Dom would be a bit slower. Even though I know that he can't do that. He has to keep up. But I could dream. 
He eats... Mostly all on his onesie. He's becoming slightly more particular. Well he basically eats everything but a turkey and cheese sandwich, something that was always a solid go to with him. And man I have to hide those bananas. Every day he seems to want more independence in this department. Sadly. He has a mouthful of freshly sprouted teeth with which to chew all these foods so move over mom and let him do just that.

He sleeps... Story of his life right? His naps are short and it takes him awhile to settle. He wakes often at night. But when he does sleep, it is on his belly with his hands tucked under him. And we can officially say after this past week that the days of co-sleeping are far behind me. He does not like it, no, he does not. I'll try not to dwell on that too much, or try and remember when the last night was that he lay curled next to me... no I won't try and remember that... because that would be sad.

Likes... The sleigh bells on my laundry room door. Chewing on anything. Walking. Climbing the stairs but waiting after the first two for Matt or I to "catch" him before he continues up the rest. Cabinet doors. The blender. My christmas decorations.

Dislikes... Not being picked up out of his crib the moment he wakes. When anyone doesn't play with him or takes his toy. Being put down anytime after 3 pm. Hearing the word no. His whole life just falls to pieces with that one word. 

His siblings... are exactly the same. How refreshing right?
Oh my Dominic. How much I love you. How much I wanted to cherish these baby months.... and how quickly they passed me by. One year is coming up here before I know it. And only one of us is ready.