diy growth chart ruler

I get these ideas, you see, and then I just run with them and I don't stop until it's done. Like this ruler business. So so easy. And so so affordable.
What you need:
Wood burning tool. Ours here
Piece of wood, in this case pine, size 1"x1"x6'
Hanging device 
Stain to liking
Printed numbers, mine are 250 point font

We wanted to hang ours on the wall so we started marking inches six inches in so to speak. We marked off every inch along the entire length of the ruler.
Then I went back and marked off two lines an inch long and then one line two inches long. Repeat until the end of the ruler. 

I've talked about the make your own transfer paper here but here's the rub yet again. Cover the back of the paper with pencil, tape the paper where you want it on the wood, trace the number using a pencil. And wala. 

Then I took to wood burning. I made a total of three of these and I certainly got it right by the third time around. I maintain that perfection here is a bad thing.

Once done with that you just stain away and let it dry and done and done!!!

Since obviously my kids are five, three and ten months I would have quite an empty little ruler. So I used their growth charts from their pediatrician to fill in from their younger years and I mean... Sniff. 

I sort of think this is the best thing ever. And what a cute gift it would be for a baby shower right? You could even personalize it for each kid and have multiple rulers and so forth. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I also thought it could be kind of cute to mark Matt and I's heights on there as well... someday they may be taller than us which is sort of crazy to consider...