On the chalkboard: The itch was here and I scratched it alright. The Christmas itch. What with vacation and all of that I felt like I just had to get a head start on the decor. But the wall? The wall stays Thanksgiving-like for now. At least for a little. 

Reading: I finished all Outlander books I currently own so it was on to newer pastures with Dan Brown's newest (I think?). I dig a good page turner. Especially when Italy is involved. I also finished the newest Twilight book recently and I loved getting another perspective on things so there is that. 

Watching with Matt: I don't even know why. It deeply upsets me what they did recently. And it's gross. The show. But as always I'm invested. 

Eating: Oh Newman. You sure do know your dressings. Your balsamic is one of my favs and now this. What with forty pounds dropped I'm trying to stick with a bit of a lighter fare when it comes to dressings. Unless there is ranch. Because if there is ranch all bets are off. 

Drinking: My addiction is so much worse these days. Not sure why? It's always been there that's for sure but now it's like we just can't keep it in the house.  I fully acknowledge this is a problem.

Planning: Sniff. Too soon Dominic. Too soon. But it's here. Basically all planning I have done heretofore is send out the invites and buy myself some festive ribbon. Thankfully the decor for this party will be pretty easy as the house is already insane. 

Thinking about: This. Normally I use a different centerpiece for Christmas but that is because Matt hadn't made me this box yet so now I'm all like... what to do with you!?

Watching on treadmill: In between all my shows that have returned for fall I am filling in the gaps with Felicity and her enormous itchy looking sweaters. Thank you Hulu!

As I type this: Lena Wednesday's are just a joy. Those two babies are really coming in to their own lately. Like they play together and seem to really like each other. Except if Lena borrows a toy Dom wasn't quite done with. Then Dom can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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  1. ha i love that last photo. all the toys. everywhere. :) i think i need to get back on the diet coke train to keep my mouth busy. bc snacking. and you inspire me with your weight loss. just last night i was like THIS IS IT KERRI. and then it was done. my mental shift. and i'm rambling.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. First.. TWD- I haven't been this obsessed with a show since FRIENDS. It has taken over my life. Sunday nights, do not disturb. Btw, I don't think Glenn is dead. I have a theory. Second-congrats on the weight loss! Third- I HATE diet pepsi/coke. And I have friends who literally live off it. I prefer if I am going to do soda, I go all in lol. Hope youre loving Disney!

  3. I agree with the ranch. I like to make pan fried chicken just so I can dip it in ranch.
    Inferno was my fave of the Dan Brown books.
    and your chalkboard is, as always, amazing!

  4. Walking Dead is my everything....I love it. Can't quit it. I remember watching the pilot like five years ago or something thinking, this show is not going to last. And here I am getting so excited for Sunday!

  5. Haha what is David doing on the couch? Seems like I haven't seen you all in forever (nothing new here) so thank goodness for the currently posts! Anxious to see your house all decked out for Christmas.

  6. So much to love here! Felicity?! Hello I loved watching that with my Mama and totally did a rewatch last year too :) I'm a totally team Ben even though I am all about "Jake" on Scandal now. Scott Foley does bad ass way better than pathetic lovesick puppy RA ;) Ummm love the centerpiece! So cute and will be so fun to fill with different seasonal items! I have totally regressed back into drinking Diet Coke and it doesnt seem like it will be going away any time soon lol.

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