annual pumpkin carving night

We made quite a spectacle of ourselves this year carving pumpkins. A hot mess. It's a "Where's Matt" situation happening in the below photo right? It demonstrates my point. The night felt rushed and disjointed. We just need more time in the day you know? Seven p.m. comes all too quickly and with it babies and their bed times. And we were missing a third of our carving people. The first time in like seven years (?) that they weren't there... Looking at you Rob and Ash... We missed you. The fun and messy part was done all prior to dinner and done just by my mother and myself. Outside. In the sixty degree weather, weird. Then we got cleaned up and had Chinese which really is the best part of any evening if you ask me. After which we promptly turned on the Christmas music and started carving. Did I just say Christmas? Why yes. Yes, I did. Letty wanted a spooky face, David a happy one, and Dom got an owl because he has no say in the world. The babies were running amuck while the mommys and a Matt carved their hearts out. It was noisy. It was mayhem. And then it was over. Always too fast, just like everything else. 

And please never give my daughter a saw. It stresses my father out immensely.

Like I said... we are a hot mess. Minus the hot and double the mess.

Last year's pumpkin picking here. Year prior here.



  1. triple the mess ;) also it looks weird without the whole clan there but otherwise it looks like a lot of fun as usual! all set up in the basement properly.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Haha the bottom photo. I can't believe how old Dom is looking. :(

  3. Oh man... we opted out of carving again this year. I am just not brave enough. LOL

  4. they look great!!! i totally avoided the carving this year for crazy moving chaos reasons... but also because it totally stresses me out for some reason. haha. such an endeavor! i am extra impressed at your pumpkin family!!!


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