Dominic, aged 11 month: This little boy takes such joy in terrorizing his sibling's rooms. He appreciates tearing apart train tracks or Polly Pocket housing... He really knows no bounds. Also in each room? At least one night light, which as we all know are his very favorite. I'll rue the day when he learns to open doors. We all shall.

David, aged 3 years: When I was a kid my little brother had a relationship with a particular pair of snow boots. They were constantly on his feet. Always, no matter the season. So I find it particularly humorous when David decides he must wear rain boots. Always, no matter the season.

Letteria, aged 5 years: Little Miss Accident Prone fell somehow and slammed her head into the lego table in the basement. Her brother dutifully came upstairs to alert us to the situation and it left quite the mark on her forehead. She needs to be in a helmet. From birth till forever. Helmets all around.

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  1. how cute are your babies...always so happy..!

  2. that first photo is photog perfection. ok it helps you have the cutest of subjects :) also good lord letty. helmets all around! bubbles. anything :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. precious little loves, as always!! i cannot wrap my mind around that being dom in the first photo!! he looks so grown up!! and oh we are big on rain boots, too ;) can't go wrong!!!! and madd is getting to that accident prone phase, herself. since she is generally my tame little lady, i am terrified!

  4. Oh my word I think Syd will be following in her foot steps....we often joke how she needs a helmet! Dominic's shirt is so cute! :)

  5. Oh the Christmas shirts!! Too Cute! And Pierce used to live in a pair of rain boots, like wore them to bed! I finally had to throw them out because they were so gross. I even went so far as to buy him two of the same pair so he could wear one inside and one out. Ridiculousness!


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