Dominic, aged 11 months: Yesterday I took the kids to church all by my onesie (Matt was sick). We haven't been to church since David was an infant so it was all a new experience for me. I debated putting Dom into the nursery but ended up deciding that was best. He missed his morning nap entirely and only fussed "off and on" which I think is nursery speak for he was a pain in the hiney. But he survived. I survived. And maybe we will do it again.

David, aged 3 years: This child has been asking to go to church for months. I know, right? He waltzed right into his room and right up to the train table as if he had been there a hundred times. He turned around to me and said have fun mom! And that was that. They said he did great, shared well, etc. He needs to work on his coloring skills, clearly. He had a super great time and it was the best day ever.

Letteria, aged 5 years:  The reason for all this insanity was that this little lady was singing at church with her other classmates. Two services. I was there to support her. In between services they did a craft detailing what they are thankful for. Her? She is thankful for her house, her family, her friends, and playgrounds. Respectively.

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  1. these are such precious moments :) XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. so so cute. i can't believe you took them all there but glad to hear it was a success! great success! hehe

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I'm proud of you for taking all three kids by yourself! I debate taking Sydney alone when Steve can't go. I'm glad it went well! I bet Letty was so cute to watch! And don't feel bad for Dom, Sydney still cries in the nursery haha.

  4. You are my hero! All three kiddos by you lonesome?! I have yet to be brave enough to take both grocery shopping with me, alas this is happening after work today. How cute that David has been asking to go to church! Going to church/finding a church has been on my own personal bucket list for a couple years now :( Mike is not really the go to church kind of guy so I need to do the research and then probably some nagging but it is going to happen soon. It is so hard to find a good church/the right one for you! How sweet Letty got to sing at both services!

  5. Look at you! Alone. Three kids. Church. You're my hero!

  6. You have been coming up aces with taking these kids out all by your lonesome. Glad it was another success.


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