Dominic, aged 10 months: It wouldn't be fall without another round of colds right? The kinds of colds that for a young baby make you feel pretty awful when they wake up in the middle of the night. So what once (as of a few weeks ago) was a babe waking only one time at night now he is back up to two or three. And with Disney on the horizon I will let him have a few more weeks of a pass. Here is hoping no cold post Disney. New sheriff in town bub. 

David, aged 3 years: Dr. Jekyll. Meet Mr. Hyde.  I'm not even sure who is the kind one here. Because even the kind one is really actually sort of cruel because he makes you happy and he makes you let your guard down. He makes you want to hug him and tell him he's the best little boy. And then the other guy shows up out of nowhere and you think. Shame on me. 

Letteria, aged 5 years: She has gotten quite the big girl room this weekend. She got herself a brand new (to her) desk, that she has just stocked full of big girl things like beads and books. She also has finally gotten her dream of twinkle lights around her double windows. Her dream. My dream. I'm happy when those two align. Her room just looks so cozy. We can always use more twinkle lights. 

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  1. aw look at those freckles. and i wanna be face down in bed right about now. um yes :) DISNEY SOON

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Poor Dom!!! I'm right there with ya on the (well almost) 10 month old with a cold!! We had just gotten down to one time a night too so I'm here for you lady! I feel ya. Big time. Oh and that wonderful beautiful age of three lol. Mia seems to have also acquired this split personality and you could not have put it more perfectly into words!!! Here's to Disney being around the corner for you! We are all majorly jelly over here!!!

  3. Oh no, baby colds are the worst. Heartbreaking. And three.....man....Pierce still hasn't let go of that three-ness just yet. I am hoping it will wear off soon! LOL

  4. No Disney colds allowed! Plus the 90 degree damn weather will knock it right out of you. Twinkle lights though! Fun. I have one of those two personality kids around here. Usually at night. How can they be so sweet and then all of a sudden so...well demonic.

  5. feel better mr dom!!! and oh that is so how age 3 is, i'm thinkin. it's scary. ajnd letty's big girl twinkle lights make me happy!!! thinking about doing that in madd's new room to surprise her!


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