walnut run farms yet again

The parent time continuum continues on! Wasn't it just yesterday that we did this same field trip? Just with a slightly different stage of actors? Well it was just yesterday. Except today I remembered to wear my boots and bring my camera. 

I did some hard core class dynamics research.  I was analyzing relationships and groups and you name it, I was judging. This class has a bunch of rambunctious boys that have been utilizing the time out chair apparently.... There is a girl who barely speaks. There is a girl who barely stops speaking. There are three girls who cannot stand next to each other without touching each other. And then there is Letty. And a friend or two. I suppose she will be alright in the end. Or so everyone tells me. 

But the field trip is the reason I was able to undergo all this research. They learned about feed and milking and baby calves and then were rewarded with an ice cream sandwich. Which after witnessing all that fecal matter I just kindly declined...

Just like last year right? Sniff.



  1. oh the cutest. and good and appropriate use of fecal matter in a sentence. also, love the observations. so interesting to me to watch the dynamics!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. haha el-oh-el at that mom's shirt stating her goals for the day! and hoooow weird to observe the kids letty is spending her time around completely out of your control!! she will be okay! also cows yay!

  3. I remember going on a field trip to a cow farm when I was younger, and it took awhile before I could drink milk again haha.

  4. I would of had to decline as well. And this is totally just like last year. ;-)


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