two babies, a toddler and a five year old walk into the metro

This seems totally natural yes? Pack up the entire family, along with my sister, niece and mother, drive a little over two hours to the northern most metro station in Maryland... board the metro bound for DC, exit after approximately 26 minutes... walk 0.31 miles to your right to get to our final destination of... the Museum of Natural History. This all makes sense. To be completely honest it's not the dumbest thing I've done since having children... but writing it all out does make it seem a bit much. But! I wanted the kids to see dinosaur bones! I thought DC would be easier to navigate than say, NYC, but after seeing the lack of bones in that department perhaps NYC would have been a better destination. Next time? 

But besides the bones we sprinted our way around that museum before having lunch in the cafe and then heading back out to The Mall to show my mom the WWII Memorial that she has never seen. We had some time before we felt we needed to head home so we also made it into the Air and Space Museum for a quick jaunt around there as well. Which is, if I'm being honest, my preferred way to see  museums. At a sprint pace. I'm not one to read the cards or watch a video... I see. I oohh and ahhh.. and then I move on. 

Matt had taken off work for the occasion and I'm just so glad he got to spend his birthday this way. Giving shoulder rides up and down The Mall. 

And for any locals considering this day trip here are the details....
Greenbelt Metro Station to the Archives/Navy Memorial stop, $4.60 each way. Parking for the day at Greenbelt Station was $5.10 (free on weekends). I would definitely recommend this, as DC traffic is as we can all imagine, a nightmare. We still hit some traffic for sure, even having left before 3 p.m., but not nearly as bad as it could have been had we been parked in the district. I just love the Metro. So much easier to use than it's dirtier and more confusing northern cousin, the NYC subway.



  1. ahh what an awesome day trip!! i haven't been to DC since our 8th grade school trip. so great that it's only s hop skip jump from home for you!! i bet the kids had so much fun! and i love that your mom and sis do everything with you!

  2. So glad that you guys had a good time here in DC! Sorry about the lack of bones, but at least there were other cool things (the Natural History Museum is one of my favorites in the city). And I'm glad that the weather cooperated :)

  3. gosh i love DC and i love museums. and it's all just lovely. looks like the perfect day too! i always loved we lived so close :) also can we talk about letty's hand on the hip thing? ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Well the weather looked perfect and it seemed the kids cooperated, so that's good! It's been years since I visited DC. I'll def refer to the traveling tips when we go!

  5. Chris was in DC over the weekend, and hit up many of the same spots. Minus the children of course, just him and his pops :)

  6. hahaha okay you got so much done! We'd be terrible museum buddies. I like to read all the things, although I skip the movies too. Chris is even slower than I am. I love the Smithsonian museums though. I don't think I'm brave enough to take Aria though. But if we ever venture back to PA we'd definitely need a pit stop in DC.

  7. This looks like the best day. I would love to do all this.


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