the force runs strong in my family...

My daughter has it... my sons have it...

So for Halloween this year we are rocking the Star Wars theme. A theme I've wanted in my life since as long as I considered having children. And naturally Letty was the one who decided it for them all. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all get a lot of yummy candy! Stay safe.



  1. i just...i can't even. because they are SO CUTE. and i may be partial to see dom bc well, tiny baby in tiny costume rules all. but i'm not playing favorites. nope :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. they look amazing!!!! this is such a dream!! letty is a perfect leia, david is theeee most charming little luke, and dom is the cutest darth vader there ever was! so have letty and david both seen star wars?! so fun!!!

  3. Omg!!!! This is the cutest thing ever! There must be a contest you can enter them in or something?!?!?!?

  4. freaking awesome! wow! i hope your "force" of young-uns, get lots of candy!

  5. They look SOOOOO cute!!! I wish my kids would participate in a theme costume, but no. They have strong opinions on the matter. haha

  6. k the last pic is my fave! Adorable. Love Star Wars themes. If that light saber is the one Aria has then I'm sorry. I hate hers. It makes the worst vibration noises. Hurts my ears.


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