taking stock

I know the mind reels that there could be life beyond what I share on the blog but alas, it is true. For a lot of the past week I have felt like garbage, just your typical stomach bug, but nasty at that. I haven't let it stop me for the most part (how are you not surprised right?).  I've taken naps when I could or gone to bed when the kids do to hold me over... So while the posts come out as scheduled I have just been sort of grumbling my way through each day. Bribing the kids as best as I can to just please be good and most of all please please please be quiet. And yet finally like all things it started to pass and I have felt like myself for two whole days now! Yay!

And on that note... A bit of taking stock of some lately like things....

making // All the little slips of paper for our Disney countdown thing. Think Elf on a Shelf meets Hidden Mickey. 
eating // Not much of anything as of late. This is the nastiest stomach bug that has ever hit me. It's knocked me down for the better part of a week. So mainly bland carb things is where I'm at. 
drinking // All that blue Gatorade in all the world. 
reading // I started and finished the Twilight Saga as well as Bergdorf Blondes, both all just me working through my feelings on An Echo in the Bone. I'll get there. I am on the home stretch. 
listening // Well usually I have to have socially acceptable children's tunes on... But after watching Pitch Perfect when Kerri was up I would say this is being sung more often than not. 
watching // 
All the fall shows have returned! Scandal. Once Upon a Time. Nashville. Homeland. You name it.  
bookmarking // These shutters and those wreaths. I don't know where they would go in this house. But. I. Want. Them. 
wanting //  To get started on my Christmas shopping but we have yet to choose Secret Santa names in my family. When will they ever learn?
looking // For the right fertilizer for my newly moved indoor lime tree. Poor dear is quite yellow. And it was all yellowwwwww...
enjoying // That after three years (3!) I can fit in my skinny jeans again. And that I am at a weight I haven't been at since the very wee stages of my very first pregnancy. I hear an angel chorus...
waiting // For our Disney trip in just 30 days from today! Disney is my favorite. My family is my favorite. So a week with the one in the other is my most favorite favorite. 
wondering // How much longer I can push back the watching of Furious 7. We have a newly updated basement movie theater that is sort of itching to show us this and an emotional Matt who's been waiting since he lost his beloved Paul Walker. 
loving // The idea of flannel sheets. After days of sleeping in pants and a hoodie under three blankets I was imagining all the warmth i would have with those babies. I'm trying to convince Matt it's necessary. Help a girl out? These in particular. 
needing // A new backpack? One with side pockets for sippies. OR sippies that have straps or hooks so they can attach to the stroller for easy loading and unloading on those Disney buses. Maybe this? Or this
wearing // Leggings that are a size too large. I'm told they are unacceptable. So Kohl's please have a sale on these ok?
smelling // There is always something about having the windows open in October. The air smells a certain way. And all the Octobers past come rushing back at all once. 
noticing // That I cannot go one day with out chipping newly polished nails. And yet I continue to paint on. 
laughing // At the ridiculousness of this whole mess. 
daydreaming // Of walking around that first circle in Magic Kingdom and the castle coming in to view and the look that will be on Letty's face. I bet you all forgot how much I love Disney huh?
feeling // Like imbibing in some wine tonight. It's been awhile my friend. And I've missed you. 

Have a great weekend everyone! And may the stomach bugs be never in your house!



  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I have never been to Disney but It will most certainly be on our list of vacations with Tori and Ava. :)

  2. drink some wine since i cannot. why does a whole week seem like a long time?! also you do need new leggings. show off that hot bod woman! AND COUNTDOWN IS ON :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I loathe strollers and busses/trams. Hate. Despise. We avoid them at all costs. I cannot wait to downgrade to an umbrella stroller, and now that Aria is potty trained it may be time! I packed up her diaper bag for this last trip and I was like hm empty...what else can I shove in here? I hate the idea of wearing a backpack all day though. How do you like that?
    Do you feel like Miranda in SATC? Way to go on those skinny jeans!

  4. Oh man I didn't realize you were still sick :( I hope no one else got it. We have flannel sheets we use in the winter. So cozy. Steve doesn't seem to mind too much haha. And yay for the "problem" of buying smaller sized leggings!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! You are lookin good girl! Watch out Disney dwellers, hot mom alert!!

  6. Sucks that you have been sick and without wine. Hard times for sure. Those leggings are nice and they were on sale when I clicked the link? You are a weight loss rockstar. :-)


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