oregon dairy pumpkin days

The traditions abound on the Trovato side of the family but are few and far between on the Olsen side. Which sort of happens, I think? When the Olsens are just three boys and well boys don't care about festive traditions like us ladies. Holly and I were certain of the fact that this would be the year we changed that. Enter Oregon Dairy Pumpkin Days. I had never been before but according to my extensive research it seemed a good place to start. There was a free tractor ride to a pumpkin "patch", all sorts of materials for pumpkin painting, a bouncing pillow thing, and a straw tunnel. There were wagon barrel rides and a corn maize for a fee that we just skipped right on by. Oh and their pumpkin chucker! That thing is no joke. Turns a pumpkin into a rocket and shoots that thing way far out yonder. And scares Syd. Just stick with us girl, you'll get used to loud noises before you know it.

Solid first attempt at a new Olsen fall tradition I'd say.



  1. solid first attempt indeed! i can't get over those skeleton shirts as you know. looks like the perfect weather too!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Yay for new Olsen traditions! :) it was definitely a nice choice. Cheap, festive and cute.

  3. Love the shirts! You have to pay to get lost in a maze? No thanks. Although we paid to get into ours, but that was for the whole thing so we went with it.

  4. I am just now trying to catch up on blog reading for the week....and I love that I am seeing pumpkins everywhere. I wish we had a few pumpkin patch options here, but we do not. Just the one place that has a monopoly on the patch front. Ugh!

  5. This place is really cool. Glad you all enjoyed it. Those are some pretty cute shirts. :-)


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