mom's tour of gettysburg

Saner things I have done, that is to be sure. Packing up three kids and their lunches and driving an hour and a half to a national military park by myself is not one of them. But it was just such a gorgeous fall day. And Letty had off school. And I had nothing else to do. And I just really wanted to go. So I went. 

The drive there is really quite pretty, once you get past the York traffic. Just a two lane road and a few traffic circles through old little towns. Lots of gorgeous leaf peeping and Bon Iver on the radio. It was kind of perfect, minus the zillion questions from the peanut gallery about arrival times. 

We hit up the Pennsyvlania State Memorial, complete with spiral staircase to the top. We visited two observation towers that gave me heart palpitations, vertigo and actual breathlessness each time. We crawled around rocks at Devil's Den just like I did when I was younger with my brothers. We saw Little Round Top for a slightly different reason: the castle there. And we of course had to see if my camera would work in the Triangular Field, which I neglected to let on as to the why so much to the kids. Which it worked just fine I'll say. 

The kids stayed together, listened to instructions, and minus a fecal incident on David's end (ahem) were quite nearly perfect. I even rewarded them with a donut on the way home when I stopped to get my free coffee. 

So I suppose, heading solo to a military park might just not be so crazy after all.

And for those of you wondering how I used the bathroom, (as this was something I myself did not think about until the urge arose and a port-a-john with three children is less than ideal) I used the tiny pink potty that I keep in the van for the kids to use on excursions such as these. Oh why yes, I did. And in my best Borat voice I deemed it: GREAT SUCCESS.