little red riding hood's first birthday

My youngest niece is celebrating a certain first birthday this week and her mama themed the party all around Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf being their dog, naturally. 

The rain kept the party inside, which was all the better to see their newly finished basement with my dear. The kids spent the majority of the time down there with various parental support. There was a chili bar as well as all manner of accouterments in the kitchen and an adorable red and gold number for the guest of honor. That little one-dimpled beauty got quite spoiled, as she should. So happiest of birthdays Mikayla Rae!!! And thanks for having us Rob and Ash!!

I maintain the above look is a look of love and affection. 

Mikayla's day of birth here.



  1. so very very cute. the whole theme - i just love it! and M is so sweet :) happy 1st!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Such a cute theme! Can't believe it's only Dom now...waiting to turn one. Sniff.

  3. Such a great theme. She is just adorable in that little outfit!

  4. aw happy birthday miss little red riding hood!! also i am so impressed at how long that crown stayed on her head!!

  5. I cannot even get over how fast they are all growing.. what a crazy couple of years it has been! And that cake is so cool! Its a great theme :)


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