farm show week

The Manheim Farm Show comes but once a year. And to some (I'm looking at you Matt) once is more than enough. Having lived in Manheim since I was in fifth grade however, the Farm Show has it's perks. Mainly, the vanilla milkshake, which I have had at least one of every year since as long as I can remember. It's delicioussssssss to quote David. There are some other not so nice things about the Farm Show.... seeing people you know, for one. Letty ran into three of her classmates and her teacher there, and her social life has just begun. Which incidentally she thought was most exciting. There is the opportunity to not only witness a fecal incident occur but to accidentally step in one. And then there is of course the dreaded but fully expected tantrum that occurs when one little three year old boy is taken away from those damn corn kernel tables. I hate them. It's dusty. The kids argue over various tractors and diggers. He never ever and I mean never wants to leave. And it is mind-numbingly boring to witness. But David loves them to the moon and back times infinity. 

We went to the Farm Show three separate times this past week. Once with my mom and sister while Letty was at school, once at night with the Fitzs, and once on Friday with my sister and family and mother and all three kids. And the weather was just top notch. We petted animals, we played with corn kernels, we pretended we didn't see people we knew, we did some deep tractor sitting, and we ate food. Well everyone else did, I was still recovering... except for the milkshake I took home with me on the final day.

Last year's farm show here. Before that here. And how fun is it looking back? I mean look at the kids two years ago! That little round faced Letty gives me all kinds of feelings....