fall fest at skh

It's October! It's my favorite month of the year if I was forced to choose one. Oh my yes. It's time to get my game face on and start getting stuff done. Like the Fall Fest at Stauffers of Kissel Hill. Grocery store meets landscaping store meets a child centered festival for two weekends each fall. Jack of all trades that SKH.

This event though! Let me tell you. It's free. Which is honestly something that makes my ears perk up and pack my bags faster than you can say Peter Rabbit. But besides that! Pumpkins and painting them... Sticker and stamp and coloring tables... Tattoos (faux)... Hayrides... Pumpkin bowling... Bean bag toss... Mini golf... Hay bale maize... And the dreaded (to me) corn kernel table. The kids loved it. A friend of ours from college met us there as well, like last year, this time with only one of the twins in tow. And we festivaled our fall hineys off.

I may just go again next weekend.

And of course some of these photos were taken by Kerri, so, thanks!

How about it? Isn't that quite the deal?