dominic at 10 months

Oh these double digits. How quickly they come up on us right? I sort of miss that oh so fat baby of mine and his cheeks that really looked like a ton of work to hold up. He left about five months ago and the squishy-ness is all but gone. Now he's longer and thinned out all over... his hair is lightening and lengthening... His open mouth cackles are speckled with teeth (in the last week he has sprung three new ones, possibly four, bringing the total to seven, possibly eight.).
He eats... On his own! Finally! He's not very good mind you, and he prefers to be fed like the king that he is, but he has it in his powers to pick up a piece of food and place it in his mouth. Major strides made! He is still eating whatever we give him, regardless of what that may be. He will always find room for banana. Always.

He sleeps... It appears we have regressed here. He's in his crib now full time, because he decides being in mom and dad's bed is all fun and no sleep, which if I'm being honest I kind of miss having him with us. We all slept so much better and now our impending vacation sleeping arrangements are a big giant question mark. He wakes three times each night and yes I need to let him work it out on his own but I've been slack with that since he's had a cold. I'm a wimp what can I say?

Likes... Opening cabinet doors. Hanging out underneath the kitchen table on the sewing table base. Standing at the open fridge playing with the sriracha bottle. Climbing steps. His siblings. Having his diaper off. Splashing. Playing in the dirt of my potted plants and laughing when we say no. No is most humorous to him.

Dislikes... Getting changed. Being left alone in the playroom even if mom is still within sight. When David won't share with him. Waking up from a nap. The general evening hours, meaning anytime after four.

His siblings... Oh Letty. My Letty. She seems to be quite thick headed about these babies. I tell her daily, multiple times a day, to not pick up the baby... to not hug him when he's standing... To not pull on him. You get the picture. And yet I repeat the same sentiments again the following day. And as far as brotherly love.... David doesn't want Dom near his stuff. Ever. So there's that.