conversations around a car show

A few weekends ago we went to the Manheim Car Show, which is apparently an annual event where the square gets closed down and hoods get opened up and we walk around and look under those same hoods. Matt used to go to these types of things all the time as a kid and my dad enjoys looking at all the cars and so it's sort of become a thing. I go along for parental support and of course Tow-Mater was there as well. Here's some of the wonderful things the kids had to say during the car show...

Is it time to go yet?

Mom I'm hungee. 

Mom I'm a starvin Marvin. 

Excuse me! Look! Mater!

Mater you towing da truck!

Mater is yucky you need to go to a truck wash right away. 

Excuse me! A jeep!

Excuse me! Are dese motorcycles?

D! Are motorcycles safe?

Mommy.... I need to go pee. I'm sorry. Don't wait to go? 

Look at dis lease! 

Dad hold my jacket. 

Dad can you button my vest?

Excuse me! I have pockets!

Poppop! Can you pick me up? I wanna see da inside. 

Excuse me! Can I touch Mater?

I really want some French fries. 

I don't want to be here anymore. 

And we were there for less than one hour.