a family trip to the pumpkin patch

Like I've said a time or two, I could always use another pumpkin. I'm also a stickler for traditions and this happened to be both a pumpkin run and tradition so. All in all a good day, yes? 

Usually we do a hayride along with this and while the babies don't quite get the whole hayride thing, in hindsight I wished we had just done it. But we didn't. We drove all the way down to Cherry Hill Orchards and we walked about that pumpkin patch for quite awhile freezing our baguettes off watching the big kids run rampant while discussing the possibility of attempting a cousin photo. My brother was pacing with the wagon o' babies. The big kids threatened bowel movements. And after all that we left with only two pumpkins between the five households. Bet you're glad you joined us eh Steph? I am so glad you did because I've missed my partner in crime this fall (she's doing nothing at all with herself, just running a half marathon and moving and working). 

At least we got some cute photos of what these five kids are like these days.... Lena and Dom implementing their exit strategy only to be thwarted by Letty pulling them back by their very own clothes. The horror of it all.

And then all of these were of course taken by my sister-in-law, as if you really couldn't tell right?

Pumpkin picking of year's past... 2014, 2013.