I remember when David was just an infant I would look down at him when he was nursing and I would try and memorize his size... How the weight of him felt in my arms... The warmth of his hand as he wrapped it around my fingers... How he looked laying on his side taking up my lap and part of the chair. I knew one day soon when he laid on his side curled up in my lap that we would be unable to sit on the glider at all. I sort of knew how fleeting these days are. I remember trying to memorize all that with David because I didn't do that at all with Letty. Her newborn days are nothing but a blur, me constantly looking towards the next milestone and not enjoying the babyness of it all. How I couldn't wait till she would sit on her own or sleep through the night or eat people food. I pushed her to crawl and to walk and climb and ignored my grandma's advice about how I shouldn't be rushing it at all. So I tried to slow down with David. And I try and memorize the same with Dominic now. Just the other day I looked down as he nursed and was surprised to see his legs curved around my torso. Those legs that couldn't even touch the arm of the chair now need to curl around me to find room. So basically what I am saying is I suck at this whole memorization thing. And hence the thought on today's photos. What my view looks like when I look down on each of my three. At this time. In October of 2015. 

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