Dominic, aged 9 months: The days of seeing these slowly thinning-out thighs are leaving us I think... I spent my Sunday going through the boy's clothes (just look at what I made David wear!) and seeing what fit and who it fit... which in my defense I just did like, a month ago... but apparently they both grew or something? Baby socks and bibs and burp clothes were all packed away along with pants and onesies and I'm trying my very best to not dwell on that.

David, aged 3 years: The poor unfortunate soul. I had really been banking on his lack of diaper to help me out here with getting just a little wear out of some of these pants but no... alas... he has grown and the diaper (or lack there of) has little to no affect on the matter. And this shirt! Whoops. It's a struggle of mine since the dawn of the Fitz Clothing Gift. Which really comes down to our kind Fitzs giving us their children's clothes and we just try as much as we can, to thank them profusely. So many beautiful things... and me so unwilling to move each kid up a size. Not because of lack of options no, but because it's the end of an age. And I try and drag it outtttt. I've been doing it for years. Just ask my mother. Why is it bad that David is wearing size 18 month shorts??? WHY?!

Letteria, aged 5 years: However, Letty is on to me now. She sees those bags coming home and she is all OH! can I wear that tomorrow please! And sometimes she can and sometimes she can't, as Avery does have two years on her, or this purple Halloween number that was meant for a certain month of the year...Only. She's worn it twice this weekend (I washed it in between, don't worry). Being just like her Avery makes her just the happiest.

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  1. Dominic is changing so much! And Letty looks SO grown up.

  2. gosh. those growing kiddos. how did they grow so much in just one week i'll never know

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. i seriously don't even know what size im putting on maddalena half the time! some things seem to fit for YEARS and some she hardly got to wear before they're put away!! but omg that onesie on dom, sooo cute!

  4. I always liked moving up a size because I was usually sick of whatever Aria's wardrobe was in the smaller size by the time she was ready to move up. NEW please!! I'd put her in something completely new every day of her life if I could. Unless it is holiday, and then I hate to part with my favorites. And, who is that kid up in the first pic? Can't be your littlest tiny guy! Just can't.

  5. It is so crazy how fast Dom is growing. I can't even. You know I was singing for David's soul there for a minute. Now I have it stuck in my head. That Letty is such a smarty pants. ;-)

  6. So wonderful, that great hand me down goodness. We have none of that. Well, only for Odette. But the boys are the same size in everything except shoes. And they somewhat refuse to share school clothes. And well....Avalon just gets Chris to buy her everything. LOL ;)


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