the force runs strong in my family...

My daughter has it... my sons have it...

So for Halloween this year we are rocking the Star Wars theme. A theme I've wanted in my life since as long as I considered having children. And naturally Letty was the one who decided it for them all. 

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all get a lot of yummy candy! Stay safe.


celebrating an anniversary with a wedding

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary, a day that was just our normal Wednesday around these parts. We didn't go out because our big Night Out was celebrated last weekend at my friend's wedding. We had my parents and sister watching our three and off we went at the early hour of 2 p.m. To the people who know me best this was a huge deal that was sort of worrying me from the moment I received the invitation. A wedding. Over an hour a way. Starting at 3:30. No children allowed. I have not left Dom since this night way back in the end of February. He has not taken a bottle since, and while I left him quite accidentally one night for this very same friend's bachelorette party, I wasn't quite confident he would survive the night without me and my milk making capabilities. Spoiler alert: he was just fine and dandy and fell asleep as he would had me and my milk been right there with him. Deep sigh of relief.

But this wedding! It was at Linwood Estates. And good golly miss Molly was this event all her. She had all my favorite Pinterest wedding ideas all played out right before my eyes.... Choose a seat not a side... to have and to hold and in case you get cold with a shawl in a basket.... succulent favors... save your soles and baby pink flip flops... and the candles! I thought she was exaggerating when she said she needed thousands of white pumpkins but no. She was not. This girl has style and she looked beautiful, naturally. There was red wine of course, lots of that. And it was a nice break for Matt and I to get out and dress up just our twosies.

And I am as a rule always a sucker for cupcakes with oreo frosting.

Thanks for having us join you both on your special day Molly and Steve! Happy honeymooning!!


disney on ice. again!

Why yes. We meet again. Oh Disney on Ice. How we are a sucker for you and your flashy costumes and catchy songs. The magic of Disney just gets me each and every time. We are quite lucky that we get to take the kids to these shows whenever they hit up Hershey. Matt and I partake in some of the over priced drinks... and the kids naturally just love it. And perfect timing what with our Disney trip just double digits away!

David freaked out in joy with every Mickey sighting, Letty especially enjoyed the extensive Frozen sequence, and Dom liked to look at the lights on the ceiling and flirt with the grandmother behind us. 

Besides Frozen we also got to see Mulan (which I had to watch from the club balcony due to a "bored of sitting" ten month old) and Aladdin which was new for us. And Pinocchio. And Tiana. So I would say other than actual Frozen on Ice, this was the best show yet. Entertaining for all!

And then we got Chinese. Pretty awesome Sunday.

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conversations around a car show

A few weekends ago we went to the Manheim Car Show, which is apparently an annual event where the square gets closed down and hoods get opened up and we walk around and look under those same hoods. Matt used to go to these types of things all the time as a kid and my dad enjoys looking at all the cars and so it's sort of become a thing. I go along for parental support and of course Tow-Mater was there as well. Here's some of the wonderful things the kids had to say during the car show...

Is it time to go yet?

Mom I'm hungee. 

Mom I'm a starvin Marvin. 

Excuse me! Look! Mater!

Mater you towing da truck!

Mater is yucky you need to go to a truck wash right away. 

Excuse me! A jeep!

Excuse me! Are dese motorcycles?

D! Are motorcycles safe?

Mommy.... I need to go pee. I'm sorry. Don't wait to go? 

Look at dis lease! 

Dad hold my jacket. 

Dad can you button my vest?

Excuse me! I have pockets!

Poppop! Can you pick me up? I wanna see da inside. 

Excuse me! Can I touch Mater?

I really want some French fries. 

I don't want to be here anymore. 

And we were there for less than one hour. 



I remember when David was just an infant I would look down at him when he was nursing and I would try and memorize his size... How the weight of him felt in my arms... The warmth of his hand as he wrapped it around my fingers... How he looked laying on his side taking up my lap and part of the chair. I knew one day soon when he laid on his side curled up in my lap that we would be unable to sit on the glider at all. I sort of knew how fleeting these days are. I remember trying to memorize all that with David because I didn't do that at all with Letty. Her newborn days are nothing but a blur, me constantly looking towards the next milestone and not enjoying the babyness of it all. How I couldn't wait till she would sit on her own or sleep through the night or eat people food. I pushed her to crawl and to walk and climb and ignored my grandma's advice about how I shouldn't be rushing it at all. So I tried to slow down with David. And I try and memorize the same with Dominic now. Just the other day I looked down as he nursed and was surprised to see his legs curved around my torso. Those legs that couldn't even touch the arm of the chair now need to curl around me to find room. So basically what I am saying is I suck at this whole memorization thing. And hence the thought on today's photos. What my view looks like when I look down on each of my three. At this time. In October of 2015. 

Past weekly shots here.


a family trip to the pumpkin patch

Like I've said a time or two, I could always use another pumpkin. I'm also a stickler for traditions and this happened to be both a pumpkin run and tradition so. All in all a good day, yes? 

Usually we do a hayride along with this and while the babies don't quite get the whole hayride thing, in hindsight I wished we had just done it. But we didn't. We drove all the way down to Cherry Hill Orchards and we walked about that pumpkin patch for quite awhile freezing our baguettes off watching the big kids run rampant while discussing the possibility of attempting a cousin photo. My brother was pacing with the wagon o' babies. The big kids threatened bowel movements. And after all that we left with only two pumpkins between the five households. Bet you're glad you joined us eh Steph? I am so glad you did because I've missed my partner in crime this fall (she's doing nothing at all with herself, just running a half marathon and moving and working). 

At least we got some cute photos of what these five kids are like these days.... Lena and Dom implementing their exit strategy only to be thwarted by Letty pulling them back by their very own clothes. The horror of it all.

And then all of these were of course taken by my sister-in-law, as if you really couldn't tell right?

Pumpkin picking of year's past... 2014, 2013.