when your best friend turns four.

A very special little boy, Liam (of our Fitzs: neighbors turned best friends turned ex-neighbors but still best friends, sniff), turns four this week and we celebrated that fact with a super hero party above all super hero parties this past weekend. Stephanie outdid herself here. Themed to the max including crafts and games and more games! It was like a legit circus out back. Before the kids even got there and dominated it. Each child had personalized Captain America shields... They made eye masks and tiaras for the ladies in the group... They got tattoos... They pinned the sticker on Ironman... They shot silly string at the villains/Uncle Mark... They beat the day lights out of an Ironman piƱata... And on top of that all was a bean bag toss, a bounce house and a Thomas train ride. And the food! My-lanta have I missed those amazing sandwiches from Costco. My love language those things. The kids and adults alike had an amazing time and came home dirty, sweaty, and hopped up on sugar. So pretty much a solid success. 

Liam's third birthday and second birthday.