paw patrol i'll be there on the never

David's most favorite show of the moment is Paw Patrol. We have something like 45 episodes recorded on our DVR and he requests them from sun up to sun down. He got all the puppies and their vehicles as a reward for becoming potty trained and they are played with pretty much more than anything else. They have even crept in and kicked trains out a bit, these puppies. We sing the Paw Patrol song constantly... it's really been a gas.

So! Paw Patrol was coming to a nearby fair, the York Fair, which we have never been to before. On 9/11 the fair was offering admission for only $1 and we were able to find some free parking so off we went while Letty was gaining an education of some kind. 

We drove the 45 minutes. We paid our admission. We grabbed a map. And then we stood there... lost. That place is massive. The map didn't have the word "paw" or "patrol" on it. Finally we found an information booth and followed the fellow Paw Patrol shirts to the designated area by 11:15, which wasn't bad considering the fair grounds opened up just fifteen minutes before. And then we waited in the below line. We were told we would be good for the noon  "showing". Which was fairly confusing since this was a meet and greet so what do you mean showing? Anyways we waited 45 minutes only to get within sight of Chase and Marshall and then be told that they were going on an hour break. Which would put us too close to missing picking Letty up at school what with the walk to the car and the drive home and all of that. So we had to leave. 

And that sucked.

I took David as close as I could as the characters were leaving... and we got to check out the Paw Patroller for a minute or so... But it was really quite disappointing. Thankfully David was easily distracted and there was no tears. On his end.